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Saturday, October 11, 2014

RSS Feed and too much Feeds

The question at this point is how I organize my online reading and my point of view of RSS Feeds. I am very strategic in my online readings and I tend to have my set (book marked) online sites.

Honestly, I do not like RSS feeds and I do not like notifications. I actually have all of my notifications turned off and my phone is on silent all the time. What I do is I pick and choose sites and the information I want.

I check my emails, news information, sports information - football, ice hockey, basketball and rugby (in this order) and then I start reading journal articles. I try to limit the items and information that are pushed to me and this is not because of how busy I am with school and work but I have always set up my online items this way.

There are so much information out there and it is no longer about gathering information. However, it is more about how we manage and use these information.

Short but sweet this week.

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  1. Hey David, Thanks for sharing your approach. It is important to be strategic and of course that will be different for just about everyone. Ha, enjoyed the french model commercial.